About the Editor

I grew up in the southern Chicago suburbs and developed my love for all things creative as a child and adolescent.  Fostered by the guidance of my big Italian family, I participated in choir, dance, piano, and art programs.  I excelled as a writer from an early age.

After finishing my undergraduate degree at Western Illinois University, I spent years traveling and moving around the country as the spouse of a military member.  It was during those years that I began my business as a blogger and content creator.  As I grew my business, I realized that I loved writing and wanted to strengthen my skills.  I pursued and completed a Master's Degree in English with an emphasis in Nonfiction Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.  Additionally, I earned a Graduate Certificate in Marketing with a focus on Social Media Marketing in order to broaden my online skills.

Throughout the years of my education my business flourished and I expanded it to include more services such as editing and social media management.  As years have passed and I've put roots back down in my hometown, I continue to run my own business as a writer and editor and help a variety of clients from college students to small business owners.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading, exercising, and spending time with my three dogs, cat, and lizards.  I volunteer with the Humane Society and tutor some of my friends' children who are learning to love writing.

I look forward to helping you with whatever challenge you face!