Content Creation

Brand Journalism

Let me adapt your story to fit the personality of your brand.  By exploring your story from different angles, I can produce long-form pieces by constructing a narrative around the message that you're trying to send to readers.

SEO Copywriting

Let me show you how integrating target keywords into your web copy can maximize your business' search potential and web traffic.  

Lead Generation Writing

Need to increase your business' sales?  Let my comfort with selling methodologies and my ability to overcome sales barriers boost your bottom line.  Effective content creation can help your business close the deal.

Social Media Writing

Effective social media content spurs excitement and encourages conversation and involvement.  Get your company involved in multiple social media platforms with effective content to fully realize your vision.

Advertising Copywriting

Is your market saturated with competition and repetitive content?  I can find a unique angle to set your brand apart.  With my experience in copywriting for advertisements, I can keep your messages short and powerful. 

Technical Writing

With a strong grasp of sequential thinking, I can write instruction-type content for within your business or for clients.  Examples include how-to books, guides, manuals, and other technical content.