Editing Assistance

Feel comfortable with your own editing abilities, but looking for a second set of eyes to verify your work?  Let me help with editing your copy, proofreading your work, checking for accuracy, and verifying your research.

Detailed Copy Editing

Copy editing services involve checking text for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, ensuring smooth syntax, and applying style.  Since copy editing is rules-based, it is important to enlist professional help.

Ongoing Editorial Support

Is the accuracy and thoughtfulness of your company's website imperative to your success?  Ongoing editorial support can ensure your online presence remains accurate and professional.

Line Editing

Think of line editing as a line-by-line review versus the large-scale overview of your work. During the line editing process the focus is the flow, tone, and clarity of a piece.  Problems including run-on sentences, clichés, and pacing will be addressed. 


Proofreading is generally a final check of work before it hits public eyes.  I will catch all those misplaced apostrophes, typos, and missing serial commas before your project is published and unchangeable. Proofreading also remedies layout issues including extra spaces, missing bylines,  and wrongly numbered pages.

Author Assistance

Are you an author interested in self-publishing?  Encompassing all aspects of the process, from editing to layout and binding, help is available to assist you in making your writing shine on a budget.