What types of documents can you edit?

Any and all documents can and should be edited for accuracy!  I have worked for a variety of individuals and businesses.  Anything that will be seen by the public should be critiqued by a second set of eyes.  Importantly, most people do not have the extensive experience with and education in the use of language that a quality editor has.  Online formats are not excluded from editing!  With so much of what we do relying upon a digital presence, your online presence should be as accurate and accentuating as possible.

How much will it cost to edit my document or help with my social media presence?

Every project is different.  Editing a two-page paper will cost much less than the editing of an entire website's content.  Another factor to consider is the timeframe in which your editor needs to complete your project.  For an accurate estimate, please reach out to me!

I'm on a deadline! How quick is your turnover for a project?

Deadlines are not usually an issue.  Some projects can be completed in just a couple of hours, while many can be completed within a 24 hour window.  I am quick to respond to emails, so please don't hesitate to reach out even if you think it might be too late.

Can I request revisions once you return work to me?

Absolutely!  I want to make sure that whatever we create together exceeds your expectations and shines for you.  With online content, consistent management is available.  Rather than pay for individual services, we agree upon a monthly fee for all of your needs.  

I need help in a specialized area. How do I know you will be able to edit it correctly?

While I am not versed in every potential topic that may come my way, I am excellent at conducting research.  Many times in the past I have edited work for topics that I was unfamiliar with, but I see that as an opportunity to learn!  Of course, if I am not 100% certain in my ability to edit with accuracy, I will decline your project and steer you in the direction of a colleague who could potentially help you.

What are your working hours?

I am almost always reachable by email.  I work standard hours of approximately 8am to 5pm on Monday-Friday.  Of course, when duty calls I am available for evening and weekend hours.