Services for Students

Is college overwhelming?

It is not uncommon to be overwhelmed when trying to balance your courses, work, responsibilities, and social life.  If you rush, you cannot be as sure of your accuracy. Get assistance from an expert in editing and proofreading. 

Thesis & Dissertation Editing

On larger bodies of work, services include the elimination of spelling and grammatical mistakes, along with checking your use of punctuation.  I will help you improve your language and expression, as well as ensure you are meeting academic conventions including your chosen referencing style.

On a time crunch?

Have social activities outside of your education left you scrambling to create or edit work at the last minute?  Many editing services can be completed within a 24-hour time frame.  Reach out with what you're looking for to explore options for students.

Resume Editing

If it's time for your first internship or job, the last thing you want to do is turn in a resume with spelling errors or choppy content.  I will check your resume for errors, ensure your content is cohesive, and your verify that your format is easy to read and accurate.  Use your resume to highlight your assets and get ahead.

Scholarship Application Editing

Help make your dream of education become an affordable reality.

A scholarship can award you significant funding.  Donors want to know why you are the most suitable applicant.  They also want to learn how you would spend the scholarship funds.  Let an expert check your work and make suggestions to improve your application.